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Anthrozoology Education Dogs Canines ACADEMY

Your Dog And You As Never Before

  • Underlying Mechanism

    Unfolding and understanding the mechanisms, dynamics and patterns that characterise the interaction with your dogs and other human family members.

  • Your Dog And You

    Re-considering your behaviour and your dog behaviour as interrelated and mutually influencing. Re-framing your dog and you as the two cores of the same ecosystem.

  • Expert instruction

    Your instructor has decades of experience in the field of canine behaviour, human-dog consultation and an online educator with a global audience.


Show your success to your clients and community.

We value the effort you put into studying and researching. Learning about dogs, wolves, people and the environment mirror your interest, devotion and commitment. This certificate will recognise your efforts and accompany you on your personal or professional path. Give value to your time and energy, get your certificate now.

AEDC Academy Programs

Designed for dog parents, dog trainers, dog coaches, veterinarians, dog behavior consultants, shelter/rescue staff and volunteers, pet industry professionals, and all who love dogs.

  • Outstanding contents: video lectures, readings, downloadable, slides and quizzes.

  • Fully online accessible 24/7 anytime-anywhere at your own pace.

  • Full students support with different learning styles.

  • Multidisciplinary methods and sources

  • Only motivational and compassionate approaches to dog learning practices


Gwen Dina Kaelen

Marco Adda encapsulates what it means to respect animals. He is passionate about elevating the human/animal bond using his amazing skill level. Marco's compassion and sensitivity for both humans and animals endears him to all who know him. I am privileged to call him my friend.

Roman Gottfried

As a holistic canine behaviorist, I highly recommend Marco. His work and dedication to free-roaming dogs are vital since he has a holistic and nonlinear hierarchy approach. He is a gifted behaviorist with a deep understanding of animal communication and relationships.

Nicole Sofia

Marco has a deep and honest understanding and connection with dogs... he can literally read them like a book and it’s always clear how much the dogs adore him. Marco helped me with my Bali dogs when they were puppies and I still hear his wise words in my head 4 years later. His tips and strategies really really work and he clearly and thoroughly explains and teaches you (the owner) about canine behaviour and how you can better handle and understand your dogs. I highly recommend Marco and just wish we still lived close enough to have some more sessions. He really cares, he’s genuine and so knowledgeable. A true dog whisperer in every sense. 🐕🌈🙏

Lorea Moreno Pascuas

Marco is such a beautiful human being and an amazing professional full of sensitivity and wisdom. Everything he does is full of love and consciousness. I was lucky to receive private coaching sessions with him while traveling in Thailand, where I opened up my animal communication skills. Everything I learned from Marco in such a short time, has helped me to go through personal healings and also for my professional work as a lightworker/healer. I can only recommend his work and express my deep gratitude for his teachings.

Yeyen Maryati

Marco has a deep knowledge on animals. I saw him teaching children on how to build peaceful connection especially with dogs. He is one of the dog whisperer you need when your dogs is in trouble!

Janice Aquini

Everything is energy and dogs , animals in general, can feel it. Marco Adda is doing a great job as he shows us the importance of human-animal interaction, which gives us a much deeper understanding of why we are Here. In my point of view, we are all ONE: human beings, animal beings and Nature. And Marco helps us to see and feel this connection. Thank you, Marco. Big Stellar Hugs

Arantxa Imaz Amador

My lovely dog Lola and I will always be grateful to Marco for his training, support and natural talent to deal with dogs in a very professional way and also with lots of affection.

Angelo Ruggiero

Marco, un grande professionista al quale faccio i miei complimenti per la sua immensa abnegazione nel portare avanti i suoi principi. C'è passione, amore in quello che fa riesce subito ad essere empatico, e questo ci ha aiutato tanto. Grazie Marco, continua cosi!

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  • High Standard Quality

    We offer an excellent standard of knowledge and experience.

  • Follow-Up Process

    We accompany your process at every stage and for a lifetime. We never leave you alone.

  • Dog-Centered Approach

    Every dog is unique, and we value every individual in her/his behaviour and personality.

  • Up To Date

    We conjugate a multidisciplinary approach with empathy and the latest scientific research.

  • Holistic

    We consider the dog and the people as part of a family constellation and a mirror of their environment

  • Cost Saving

    We value your resources and honour your effort., and we offer the best cost-benefit solution to your requests.

Memberships / Collaborations / Board

International Society For Anthrozoology
Animal Behavior Society
Dognition Certified Evaluator Marco Adda
ISCP International School Canine Psychology
APDT Association of Professional Dog Trainers

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We can discuss those or other aspects throughout our consultation. We have pretty much a solution for every inquire.















  • By enrolling I will have full access to the contents, including videos, pictures, text, external links and downloadables?

    Yes. Enrolling you have full access to the program you have enrolled in and all of its contents. For some materials pointing to external links, you will have full access too, for all of those do not require any further subscription.

  • How long can I take to complete the program?

    with a good pace and a deep learning experience. However, we all process information in different ways. Check the FAQ of the program you are interested in and set your schedule for the best learning experience. You may also go back to some modules before proceeding further. And remember: you can access all the content online 24/7 and worldwide.

  • Can I ask question during the process?

    Absolutely yes. The instructor is available to answer to all of your question anytime, typically within just a few hours.

  • Can I ask for a refund?

    Absolutely Yes. As by our Money Back Guarantee, you have 14 days after enrolment to ask for a refund. We suggest to attend two modules and then you can decide. Of course we believe in the quality of our contents so we hope you can attend the whole program. That will resonate in your life forever.

  • What if, after or during the process, I would like to set an online consultation?

    No problem at all. I am always available for online consultation and you can contact us anytime for that. Being a program attendee, you will have a privileged treatment for our consultation service. Just drop us a message via email or via your dashboard with the subject "ACC Already Client Consultation", and you'll be provided with the best rate available.

  • May I Involve people in attending with me?

    Absolutely yes, that's a great idea. You can do that in two ways. If the person you wish to involve is a family member of a friend who can come to your place, then that's easy, you just attend together from your computer/tablet.

  • How can I get my certificate?

    That's very easy. After you complete the program/s you are enrolled in, just drop us an email with your request for the certificate/s. Provide the full name you want to be shown on your certificate/s. That's it.! You will receive it/them in your email box within 7 days of your request.

  • What if I need a consultation?

    We offer a wide array of personalised consultation. For example: if you have a dog and need to learn more about dog behaviour, especially if your dog is showing some behavioural issues; if you are a dog trainer and you wish to improve your professional path and boost your career; If you are a student in biology, ethology, anthrozoology and other related topics; if you are a Veterinarian willing to learn more about canine behaviour; and many others. To learn more, from the top menu just visit our COACHING page.